The National Recruiter is a basketball scouting service that evaluates current high school basketball players for colleges and universities. We observe players in game competition, draft an extensive profile on them, and after a thorough evaluation, send recommendations to colleges and universities throughout the East. A genuine scouting service does not charge a fee to any of the players they scout. The colleges and universities that use our services pay the fees, therefore you will not be solicited in any way to purchase or pay a fee for us to evaluate you.

     The National Recruiter is one of the most prestigious basketball recruiting services in the East. There are two types of recruiting services. One type charges the player to make a profile and to distribute it to colleges and universities. Some of the scouting services that charge the players do a good job while others are a waste of time and money. The other type, like the National Recruiter, works for the colleges and universities. Since the scouting service works for colleges, it is not dependent on players or parents for their income, their evaluations are honest and legitimate. The National Recruiter evaluators attend summer all-star camps, AAU events, fall shootouts, and spring elite to identify college prospects and send their profiles to colleges and universities all along the East Coast at no cost to the prospect.

     A scouting service gathers information for college coaches. They travel to talent camps, evaluate players, write extensive profiles and distribute them to their colleges. These services can evaluate hundreds of players in a 4 or 5 day period.

     The National Recruiter attends only the most competitive upper level events. These events are Nationally Ranked, AAU approved, and are events which have excellent organization, supervision, the best instructors, and the least amount of down time.
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