What You Should Do To Get Recruited

-by JC Kibbey


  • KEEP a strong GPA and seek help with any subjects where you are struggling
  • EVALUATE your athletic/physical ability, set goals to improve, and achieve them
  • MAINTAIN strong personal integrity and stay out of trouble
  • LEARN the recruiting rules and calendar
  • POST your athletic and academic information online where coaches can see it

Freshman and sophomores

  • START recording performances for your highlight video
  • TARGET schools you are interested in every division; aim for 100 total
  • CONTACT the coaches you targeted so they know who you are
  • PRACTICE for the ACT or SAT
  • VISIT as many campuses as you can for camps, game days, etc.


  • TAKE the ACT or SAT
  • FINISH your highlight/skills video (with spot shadowing) and send it to coaches
  • BUILD relationships with coaches and always respond to them
  • REGISTER with the NCAA Eligibility Center
  • FIND ways to get exposure, like combines, tournaments, and showcases


  • SUBMIT your college applications and your FAFSA
  • GO on official and unofficial visits
  • CALL coaches, find out where you stand, and give them up-to-date information
  • ASSESS your position; take stock of your offers
  • CHOOSE your school and commit