What AAU is all About
Reprinted From Buckeye Recruiting, Columbus, OH

AAU basketball is about sportsmanship and citizenship, not about recruiting. Many coaches and players misunderstand what AAU basketball is all about. AAU is about competition and fun. It is about offering amateur sports programs to promote good sportsmanship and good citizenship. Its purpose is to offer amateur athletes opportunities to develop to their highest level. It is not about recruiting, scholarships, or being evaluated or scouted by college coaches.

AAU basketball is about competition and fun, not about recruiting. Everyone on an AAU team should play at least a quarter of the game, win or lose. Why spend the time at tryouts, at practice and traveling to tournaments to play very little? Why should parents spend money for tryouts, uniforms, travel expenses, and motels during tournaments and their daughter doesn't play?

Dave Bones from Cage Scope comments, "AAU tournaments could have up to 4,500 players participating. It would take a superhuman coach to evaluate such a mass of basketball humanity. A player who doesn't start for his AAU team will hardly get a look from the scouts, considering there are 450 teams with 2,250 starters. Most starters who are mid major to small college prospects won't get a look because scouts are looking at the most publicized high school All-Americans at these events. A player who sits on the bench all summer never gets a chance to show his ability."

Elite camps and shootouts are about recruiting. The NCAA has provided NCAA-certified summer events that coaches and scouting services can attend to evaluate players. Providing a showcase for college scouts is the purpose of these NCAA-certified summer events. A good performance at an NCAA-certified camp is guaranteed to get noticed. NCAA-certified camps play all players equal time and coaches get to evaluate players not only in games but at stations, team practices and individual tournaments, 1-on-1, free throwing shooting, etc.

Elite camps and shootouts can be found by going to online search engines www.google.com and www.yahoo.com.
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