There are many basketball players and their parents that do not understand the importance of a recruiting service evaluating them as a future college player. A true recruiting service does not charge a fee to the player to evaluate and create or update a profile on them. A true scouting service sends information to college and university athletic departments. They do not charge a fee to players or parents. A recruiting service will contact a future college prospect, inform them they would like to evaluate them and create a profile on them. The scouting service notifies the college prospect and invites him to attend events that the scouting service staff will be evaluating. A scouting service only evaluates at events that are NCAA certified and AAU approved. They only evaluate at events that have many college prospects and are well organized, well supervised, and have excellent competition. To be contacted by a scouting service for an evaluation is awesome, big time. That is what most athletes live for. Never pass up an opportunity to be evaluated by a big time scouting service. What potential college prospect would pass up a chance to have an evaluation profile compiled by a prestigious scouting service and sent to colleges and universities?

     Every year there are players who pass up the opportunity to be evaluated, lose scholarships and the opportunity to play college ball. Common excuses are "I have no time", "I have to work", "I am going to football or soccer camp", "I have an AAU game", "I did not know it was legitimate."

     Prospective Division I and Division II high school players should attend an NCAA-certified individual or team camp. Since spring and fall shootouts have limited or no NCAA certified dates, a potential college prospect should attend only a major or nationally ranked shootout .

     The best time to begin the evaluation process is as soon as possible. This gives the scouting service several years to update a player's profile and follow his or her progress. If a recruiting service wants to evaluate you at no cost to you for the evaluation, do not hesitate. Forget the excuses--it is your future we are talking about.

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